Touch screen over two way mirror

  • I too am very interested in building my own mirror photobooth as the prices of ready made ones are crazy high… and the shipping cost to my country is ridiculous…🇲🇾 however after tons of research i think the biggest problem now is are we able to calibrate/ adjust the borders of the IR overlay on the mirror? one of the features of the mirror photobooth is that users can “sign” their name/ message (hence the use of touchscreen on a two way mirror); but the TV screen behind the mirror is smaller than the mirror itself (43" TV under a 70" mirror), so are there any way to reduce/ calibrate the IR overlay to precisely detect the TV screen?

  • @GOGORILLA have you had any luck?

  • @ranger33 I’d like to see pictures of your work please. I just ordered a 60 inch IR frame without glass and waiting for that to come in so that I can order two way glass. Can you tell me where you ordered from? And did the touchscreen work once you put the two way glass inside of the IR frame? Did you need to calibrate? I am making a selfie mirror photobooth so any input would be helpful. Thanks

  • @ranger33 me too i would love to see that asap.

  • @ranger33 could I see pictures? As I’m trying to do this right now

  • @anhanyoung yes I will upload in a bit as I’m on mobile currently. Will show you what I mean!

  • @anhanyoung Ok here we go!

    So see I took an Ir overlay and replaced the glass in it with perfectly fitted one way glass. lmk if you have any more questions
    \I have a video somewhere will try to find

  • Hi there! I have my MagicMirror up and running in portrait mode and works well. I have just added a 42" Infrared Touch Frame Overlay but the touch cursor moves the wrong direction (ie. the touch cursor still set to landscape)
    How does one calibrate the touch cursor to portrait mode? I slide my finger up the mirror and the cursor moves right ~ lol.
    Any help appreciated 🙂