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JIR-EMT - Public estimated time arrive for buses at Madrid

  • Description

    Hi, everybody:

    Few days ago, I finished my first MagicMirror module.

    It’s shows the info about the estimate time arrive to the differents bus stops at Madrid.

    All the data is available into the EMT openData platform.

    I searched a similar module but I couldn’t find any, so then I developed one.

    You can configure several bus stops in the module, and you can configure to change the color when the bus is closer to the stop than a time configured.

    I apreciate any comments.

    Thanks and best regards.




  • Hi there, I’ve started with my magic mirror days ago. I live in Madrid and I would like to implement your module. Is it still working? Is there a way to get your code? Many thanks in advance… 🙂