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Improve updatenotification module (to be module selective)

  • I would like to see the default updatenotification module to allow us to control what modules to show for updates.

    I keep getting notifications for minor updates to certain modules that I do not intend to update. This is annoying, as I do not wish to disable the updatenotification module, since it is very useful for other core modules.

    It would be great to have a simpler way to select what modules we either do want or do not want to see updates from. Perhaps through an additional module option, like moduleUpdateBlacklist: [MMM-myModdedModule, MMM-CryptoCurrency]?

    I guess a workaround could be to remove the .git directory in the modules home directory, but then you remove all git features for that, which is just dumb.

    Any ideas out there?

  • Ok, this is the idea.
    We add the blacklist config option list to the module.
    When a module present in the list, the updatenotification module will rename that modules .git to .git_disabled. Tada’! No more messages…I think.

  • @E3V3A But also means you lose the metadata stored in .git to manage (incl. update later) via .git without renaming the folder.

    Why not have updatenotification iterate over/skip modules on the blacklist? Something like changing this line in node_helper.js:

    if (defaultModules.indexOf(moduleName) < 0) {

    To the following?

    if (defaultModules.indexOf(moduleName) < 0 &&
    this.config.ignoreModules.indexOf(moduleName) < 0){

    This means if the module is either (1) in defaultModules or (2) in the (new) ignoreModules it gets skipped.

    Remember to also add ignoreModules: [] to defaults in updatenotification. You can then avoid altering the filesystem whatsoever.

  • Although I concede I’m not sure how to set the config parameters for updatenotification in config.js (whether you can set params without instantiating the module).

  • Ah Yeah. That actually sound like a much better solution!
    Not sure when I’m gonna have time to implement it though. Kinda low on my priority list, right now. We’ll see…

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