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    Hello MagicMirror users in the Netherlands,

    I have made an update rainforecast module based on buienradar.
    This module is very fast and uses no external scipts. The graphics can be set to different colours.
    The expected rain is shown on a timeline.


    1_1522222375893_logoRain.png 0_1522222375892_logoNorain.png


  • Module Developer

    Will try it out asap.
    To our German friends: This also works in Germany not too far from the border.

  • great work Charley.

    Was thinking about rewriting that part with the external sparkline. Got a sudden error on my implementation a few days ago (xmlhttprequest on the sparkline invocation and load errors 404 on the jquery). Never did anything with SVG. So was heading for some coding this weekend 🙂

    This is what I like about open source 👍

  • Module Developer

    Hello Cirdan.

    Buienradar changed the URL. It is now

    That’s why the data stopped.

    In my graph I included the times and by not using the sparkline plugin there is no problem with not loading or slowing down.

  • Changed the url in my codebase, and everything works like a charm again. Tnx for pointing it out. Still love the svg part 😀

  • Module Developer

    Hello Cirdan,

    If you are interested to look into the SVG part this is where I found some of the information

    Creating Interactive Graphs With SVG

    If you like to take it a step further

    How to Make Charts with SVG

    Let me know if you need any help.

  • Module Developer

    Today I have updated the module.
    By request the width of the graph have been decreased by about 25%
    The graph line has been updated to fit the canvas better according to received data.

  • Module Developer

    The MMM-rain-forecast module has been updated. The brightness level was too low on some mirrors. The size of the graphics matches the module.

  • Hallo,
    I have a Problem.
    I want to use this module, but I live in Germany and I will need the rain forecast for my hometown in Germany. How can I change the Code? With the coordinations (latitude/longitude) of my city, ist doesn‘t work…
    Please help me.

  • @teresab
    Hi there,

    the source I use for the rainforecast uses a dutch rain radar. The data provided is limited to roughly the size of the netherlands. Though some german users near the dutch border are able to use the module

    So unless you are located close to the dutch border, the module is not going to work for you. Maybe a german implementation exist, or you could build one yourself based on the dutch code and a german rain radar provider?

    Slightly offtopic. Currently i’m testing a rebuild of the module, to be released soon

    Regards cirdan

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