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Alert' system as a call display

  • Thought I’d share how I used the ‘Alert/Notification’ system in MagicMirror2 as a call display.


    First I set up the MagicMirror2 Module: MMM-RestApi.

    What is important to configure the API module properly in the ‘config.js’ is the ip of the MagicMirror node server.

    By default it is set to ‘localhost’, this will need to be changed to the ip address of the raspberry pi.

    Next is setting up IP addresses to the MagicMirrors whitelist.

    To be honest, I set my whitelist to ‘[]’, which allows any connection.

    Here is the fun part:

    I used one of these:

    alt text

    Yeah, remember waaaay back when all we had was dial-up internet connection?

    Well, it would seem that these dial-up usb modems may still have a purpose.

    Instead of trying to call out to the internet, we are going to monitor call data on a landline telephone system.

    There are many different ways to set up this device to the magic mirror. You could probably even connect it directly to a raspberry pi.

    Because I host a home server for media and automation/security… okay I can’t help myself I’m posting a picture of the server and network wall:


    … i digress …

    I decided I would attach the phone modem to my server, so I could manipulate the data and send it to whatever device I wanted.

    I read up on ‘AT’ commands (the commands that dial-up modems understand and found some useful information from Google.

    I created a console app in visual studio, I’ll post the code on GitHUB, in case anyone is interested. I’ll post a link here shortly.

    In any case, it works great!

    EDIT: Here is the initial commit to Git:
    Windows Console App…
    Maybe I’ll code it in .netCore so it’ll be cross-platform.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Darn can’t post all the code, forum won’t let me.

    If anyone is interested in this project I’ll give you the code.

    Anyway, once you have the caller identification, send that data as an Alert to Magic Mirror! Sweet! Works like a charm 🙂

  • @chef said in How I used the ‘Alert’ system as a call display:

    Darn can’t post all the code, forum won’t let me.

    If anyone is interested in this project I’ll give you the code.

    why don’t you post it on github?

  • @E3V3A many thanks, I think it is a cool project so I will 🙂

  • Added a more stable version to Github. I’m looking to build a .netcore version so it will run on a debian plateform.

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