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Searching for a tutorial on using MM on a Pi Model B

  • About 5 years ago I bought a Raspberry Pi Model B and never really found myself with a cool project to use with it.

    I recently came upon Magic Mirror and it looks awesome. Feeling very excited and I bought a monitor and glass to use.

    However, I learned that my Pi is severely outdated.

    I’m basically searching for a tutorial that is written for installing MM to a Pi Model B.

    It’s no problem for me to buy the latest pi, but it seems wasteful and I’d like to put my Modle B to work.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • @csterling
    Here are 2 instructions that you can apply to your Pi1 Model B.

    instruction 1
    instruction 2

    both instructions are unfortunately outdated, can send you a current on the weekend

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