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Connection refused (http)

  • Hey mirror user,

    my mirror is running for quite some time. Meanwhile I moved and have a new wifi setup. Anyhow today I wanted to work on the plugins again and I wasn’t able to connect to the mirror (http, ssh works).
    First I thought it where the whitelist settings and I adjusted them. But I simply get a Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused with curl, no message from the mirror at all.
    If I ssh to the mirror I can curl from the to localhost:8080 and it works all fine, but also from the pi itself curl doesn’t work.
    Any idea what might be the issue here? I don’t know what to do (in german “ich bin am Ende mit meinem Latein”).
    Could this be an issue of DNS or the PI?

    Best regards


  • Seems do be the magic mirror config 😞 I need to specify the ip in the config (“address”) to be accessible.

  • @CFenner said in Connection refused (http):

    of DNS or

    just whitelist your IPadress or see if youre behind a firewall , you can follow these instructures !

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