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Strange problem with the default calendar modul

  • I have a problem with repeating appointments. Every week thursday we pick up the grandson in kindergarden.
    In the google calendar i made a weekly appointment for this. Sometimes something comes in between and I delete the appointment in one week, just for this week. On the pc and mobile, the appointment for this week is no longer displayed, perfect, as expected.
    But, the appointment is still displayed on the MM screen. Why? How can that be?
    I did a test with a daily appointment, then deleted for a day, same result.
    All other appointments are displayed correctly. Here my config for the calendar:

                            "module": "calendar",
                            "header": "Termine",
                            "position": "top_left",
                            "config":    {
                                dateFormat: "ddd Do MMM HH:mm",
                                    timeFormat: "absolute",
                                    displayRepeatingCountTitle: true,
                                    getRelative: 1,
                                    urgency: 0,
                                    fullDayEventDateFormat: "ddd Do MMM",
                                    maximumEntries: 20,
                                      "calendars": [
                                                    "symbol": "rocket",
                                                    "url": ""
                                                    "symbol": "female",
                                                    "url": "https://my wife.ics"
                                                    "symbol": "male",
                                                    "url": "https://me.ics"
                            "classes": "default Ralf Dana"

    Has the problem already noticed someone? Does somebody has any idea, how to fix?

  • @Ralf
    Nobody has an idea? Or poorly explained? Every thought is welcome!

  • I have the same issue, a repeating event will show up fine but if I change the time of future events or just delete one it has issues displaying.

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