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MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill unable to find main js script

  • I’m sorry to be a nuisance, but I was looking for a small amount of help with this module, simply because I feel I’ve got so far I’d rather not give up. I have been through both of the Github pages and am now at the stage where Alexa gives me a response when I ‘start’ the MM module. However, when I boot the mirror, I get an error: ‘Could not find main module js file for MirrorMirrorOnTheWallSkill’. In addition, and I assuming linked to this, is the fact that the skills associated with the module don’t work, I simply get the standard ‘there is a problem with the requested skill response’. I tried pretty hard to battle through the new Alexa skill building as best I could to get this going, and am hoping a small tweak that you may suggest will finish this off for me. I’ll then see if I can write an updated procedure for creating the skill - if anything I feel it’s a bit more of a pain than the instructions suggest! Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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