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iCloud calendar

  • Hi there,

    At the moment my family is using Apple iClound calendar (family sharing). Now I would like to show this calendar on my mirror‘s screen.

    As this iCloud does not have an URL, I wanted to sync the content to gmail calendar. But, I did not find an automatically syncing solution.

    Next idea was to use IFTTT, but this only works for new appointments.

    I don‘t want to do this manually using Windows/macOS?
    Is there a way to show iCloud calendar under MagicMirror?

  • Module Developer

    @blebbens HI, of course iCloud has an url go to ur iCloud and set ur calender to public. It will give u an url that u can us for ex. in MMM-MyCalendar module. I do this since long time. The config will look like this:

            module: "MMM-MyCalendar",
            header: "Wos gibts?",
            position: "top_left",
    	maximumEntries: 2,
              colored: true,
                  /* Geburtstage von fb ok */
                  symbol: "birthday-cake",
                  color: "#82E5AA",
                  url: "webcal://"
                  /* Familie ok */
                  symbol: "female",
                  color: "yellow",
                  url: "webcal://"
                  /* Roberts Kalender */
                  symbol: "calendar",
                  url: ""
                  /* Feiertage ok */
                  symbol: "calendar-check-o",
                  color: "green",
                  url: "webcal://"

    of course i removed my real caledar data

  • Ok, public does not mean other people can access it, just people with the secret URL?
    Where did you set your family calendar public?
    Do you use 2 factor authentification?

  • Module Developer

    @blebbens The answer is yes only with secret URL, U can do it on with ur login and yes i use 2 factor

  • Thanks, it is working…

    But, I am wondering… I don´t need auth, because it is public…
    Thought, I have to set it public for accessing it with mm-modules ?
    Where do you use 2FA ?

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