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MMM-Memo: How to send Http request?

  • Hello everyone, I am a total noob and have no experience with programming. Anyways, I thought I would still be able to build my Magic Mirror, so far its good but am stuck on how to use the MMM-Memo module.

    The documentation says I can add items to the memo by sending Http request, but I can’t seem to make it work. When I call the following site, I get the error " The site cannot be reached".


    I assume the Mirror IP, Port is the IP address/Port my Pi is connected to. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • Are you able to connect to your mirror (display it’s content in the browser) by going to http://MIRROR_IP:MIRROR_PORT ? If this is not possible your config file does not allow external devices to access the mirror.

    You might need to alter your ipWhitelist in the config file and be sure that the address field is also set accordingly.

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