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Help with custom quotes instead of comments

  • Greetings MM-ers!

    Firstly I want to say a massive thanks to Michael Teeuw for the awesome platform that is Magic Mirror and also to all of the contributors who make this community such a fun and engaging place to learn.

    This is my first mm project (and indeed my first raspberry project) but I’m already planning more.

    Anyway, I’ve got the basics down and have something I’m reasonably happy with, but for a few cosmetic details. See screenshot (taken using scrot installed on pi)


    Not new to css so played with the colouring etc without any problems (once I’d located the respective module files)

    Question is I have about 50 or so positivity/life quotes I want to use instead of the default comments.

    I know I’ll probably need to store these in remote file to save cluttering config.js but I’m keento understand how I’ll be able to format them so they look like this (but center justified):

    “Something Confucius said”

    I tried using a couple of quotes in place of comments in config.js but when I tried to insert a line break using /n and /r it didn’t work at all.

    Any ideas as to how I’ll be able to do this?


    Think I’ll try and use this module from @KirAsh4 with some manual fiddlery.

    Look forward to posting my finished mirror!

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