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Memory leak in Clock analog style?

  • Hi
    I’m having a problem with a memory leak (or at least my MM keeps eating up memory). I found that this could possible be caused by the clock module when using analog mode.

    I’ve tested two scenarios with only the clock module activated; one with digital and one with analoge. => Digital is stable while analoge keeps eating memory.

    I’ve attempted a few possible solutions but I’m not a good enough javascript programmer.

    Possible cause:
    This code keeps loading the face-00n.svg every second, could that be a cause?

    if (this.config.analogFace != "" && this.config.analogFace != "simple" && this.config.analogFace != "none") { = "url("+ + "faces/" + this.config.analogFace + ".svg)"; = "100%";

    Other possible cause could be the beginning of the getDom elements for digital clock is created. These elements are never appended to the dom when used in analog style.

    Anyone else seen this?
    Any other ideas for the problem and solution??


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