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Install MagicMirror Bathroom

  • Hello,
    I would like to install a mirror in my bathroom. How to avoid fogging and that we always see the information on the screen? Who has already installed this equipment in his bathroom?
    Thank you

  • I have my mirror installed in my bathroom and it never fogs up from steam. I think the heat from the monitor behind the glass stops it.

  • @yoda16
    You did not install anything against the steam?

  • Definitely avoid the acrylic in the bathroom - go with a glass option because the damp environment will degrade the mirror coating. I made this handy guide for how to select the right mirror based on reflection, transparency, and so on->

    The Glass Smart Mirror we sell actually is the most used for bathroom installations. However, if you’re on a budget the Glass Two Way looks great as well! It just comes down to what you want the end result to look like. If you’re only putting text on the screen and no video, the Glass Two Way actually looks really amazing, so don’t feel like it’s a downgrade in that case.

    The customers that buy it for that don’t have any issue with fog, usually the installation would require recessing the TV within the wall which does a pretty good job of protecting moisture from getting inside the mirror. I highly recommend using black mirror mastic glue and black VHB tape to attach the tv to the mirror, that can provide a nice barrier & secures it to the mirror all in one go.

    When the mirror is larger than the screen, you’ll want to paint the back of the mirror black with rust-oleum paint (or one that adheres well to glass specifically), or black felt for the best look.

    We have the smart mirror glass installed with the raspberry pi 3 & software in our showroom and the default setting keeps it on 100% of the time. There are buttons/modules/etc to turn this info on and off if you did want it to show dynamically.

  • I have mine in the bathroom. It really doesnt fog much but i just have some kind of foil instead of a two way mirror. Using a pir sensor to turn it on/off. Works great.

  • @greda what can be installed against steam? I’m looking for a solution to that as my bathroom gets steamy fast (no window, just a ventilantion duct)

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