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MMM-pages: Changes in config does not change the mirror display, only the browser view

  • Hi everybody,

    I installed the MMM-Pages and MMM-page-indicator modules and set them up in my mirror config.js.
    As you might know, there are to possibilities to view your magic mirror informations.
    1.) you can open your magic mirror in any browser by typing your ip:8080.
    2.) you can see everything on your mirror itself.

    The problem starts with the mirror view itself. It doesn´t matter which modules I choose for page one or two. The mirror does always show them all. If I open the browser based view everthing is fine - I see two different pages.

    When I start the command to change the pages, it works fine on the browser based view as well.
    On my mirror itself only the page indicator moves but the content does not change.

    Just to be sure, I moved the clock module from left to right, which is shown correctly on both views. So I guess the problem must have to do with MMM-pages only and not with my config in general.

    Do you have any idea to fix or even just locate the reason?

    Thank you for helping!


  • I reinstalled the MMM-pages modul with no results. Still the same problem.

    I even restartet to fill the mirror config.js, only using the default modules. Still the same problem.

    Does nobody have an idea?

  • A new version was published.
    Now it works again.


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