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How to enable a 70" IR touch overlay to provide touch on a certain lesser size display?

  • My IR touch overlay size is 70 inch and the display I am using is 43 inch. Since the overlay comes on top of the mirror, and the size of the mirror is 70 inch, is there any way to configure a 70 inch IR overlay to provide touch support only on the 43 inch size display I am using??
    How to fix this problem???

  • Would be nice to know this too…

  • Interesting, I have been looking at buying the correct size overlay for my project. I’ve found larger ones cheaper which is annoying. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to re-calibrate the overlay to a smaller screen?

  • wondering as well…i have a spare 50" IR frame to use with a 40" lcd tv.

  • @joela85 Hi, wondering if you learned a solution for this? I just managed to get my 42 inch IR Touch Overlay set to portrait on my MM. I have a 32 inch LCD monitor for this project.

    Where can I set or adjust this? Any thoughts?

  • @peemoeller Hi, I never went down this route in the end. It might still be something I might try in the future.
    In the end I found a cheap good quality 24" monitor which was going to be fine for my project.
    I found some tutorials somewhere on calibrating a touch display but hadn’t found anything with about calibrating for a smaller monitor.
    Have you tried experimenting with normal calibration to see if it will calibrate to a smaller display?
    I’d be interested if you find a solution to this as I might well be tempted to try it in the future.

  • FYI: i found out in Windows its just a matter of running the calibration software for your IR touch monitor…sorry to bump an old thread but in case someone was searching for an answer

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Yes that is a software for the touchframe that needs to be run…nothing you can run in MagicMirror to make it work. I basically bought a 32" TV and a 32" Frame…

  • @cowboysdude hey man! long time no talk! I bought a 24" touchscreen monitor for the family info board and finally figured out how to keep the rotated touch settings when it goes to sleep. Can’t wait to mount it!
    Hope your screen is going well!

  • @cyberphox Hi phox I am in the same trouble as you. I can not adapt my IR xintai touch (65 “) with my tv 55”. 😞 I think i need a software for set this ?

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