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Led without Bread-boards !

  • Hi folks :

    is there any possibility that I can add led lights to my magicmirror through USB or without Bread-boards n gpio? is there any module for that?

  • @4lice there is not really a module that comes to my mind. However you should probably specify a bit more what you even want to achieve. There are tons of possibilities what you might want to do with leds. When people know what you actually want it’s a lot easier to provide you with tips on how to build it 🙂

  • @maxbachmann I really wants to decorate my rooms with looong LED strings and stripes but not bulbs I want make small LED light flakes for Christmas, wedding holidays and ceremonies …
    but I don’t want using GPIO or the sheet white bread-board anymore I wanna using USB so how to control it with voice or Toggle button through mobile or something like that?

  • @4lice When you only want to control the color in a easy way you could just use one of those led stripes that already have a remote control to set the colors. If you want to control them with the raspberry pi it’s definetly easier to use the GPIO pins than USB 😉 Why you want to use USB over the GPIO Pins? Breadboard is generally a fast build thing you use for testing purposes. You will have to consider that when using long LED stripes you definetly need more power than a raspberry pi can deilver so you will need to use a external power supply for them.

  • Moderator

    I agree with maxbachmann. Go for Philips Hue for example. You can control with your smartphone and with Alexa

  • Hello

    I made a small module for the mmm to pilot led strip but you need breadboard transistor and resistance

    Tell me if you want me to explain more

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