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MMM-CTA 2nd Instance Not Automatically Updating

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    I am running 2 instances of MMM-CTA. I updated the second instance config to module Instance: 2, as shown below:

    module: “MMM-CTA”,
    position: “top_middleleft”,
    config: {
    updateTime: 60000, // 1 minute, no need to go below
    ctaApiKeyTrain: “bc9d0610109c4f4bba82e89bb6968777”,
    trainStopName: ‘Wellington’,
    trainStationID: ‘41210’,
    maxResultTrain: 4,
    moduleInstance: 1, // To run multiple instances of this module

    		module: "MMM-CTA",
    		position: "top_middleright",
    		config: {
    			updateTime: 60000,
    			ctaApiKeyTrain: "bc9d0610109c4f4bba82e89bb6968777",
    			trainStopName: 'Belmont',
    			trainStationID: '41320',
    			maxResultTrain: 6,
    			moduleInstance: 2,

    The first instance (on the left) will update while the second (right) will not automatically update after 1 minute. Thank you for any help.

    P.S. Apologize for the excessively large image.

  • 0_1526786379756_error.png
    If this helps, this is the output when I run node serveronly. In the red, you can see the 1st instance of the 4 stops being loaded (red arrow) upon startup along with the second instance loading the 6 (blue arrow).

    After the 60 seconds, you see the 1st instance updating and a minute after updating again. However, this is not done for the 2nd instance.

  • Fixed the issue. A description of said fix can be seen here:

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