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MMM-forecast-io temp bar height

  • Hi All 😀

    I have looked at using MMM-forecast-io (idoodler’s fork Is there anyway to adjust the height of the bars used for the daily temperature range? I have been able to change the CSS file to sort out the text height to something more appropriate for my display, but the bars are just WAY to huge 😆 it pushes off the bottom of my screen and I can’t figure out where the height of them is specified or inferred from.

    Any pointers would be gratefully received!!

  • okay, I have been able to figure out a little more. I can make the bars bigger but not smaller. This is as small as I can make them:


    This is the code used to produce the above:

    .MMM-forecast-io .forecast-bar .bar {
      background-color: #aaa;
      line-height: 0.01em;
      border-radius: 0.01em;
      border: 0.5px transparent solid;
      background-clip: padding-box;
      color: black;

    No matter what I change the line-height to the bars get no smaller 😟

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