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  • Hi,
    I ‘ve noticed there is a new module to read sensors’ states on the MM. (Big thanks to aserramonner for creating it)
    I installed it but I couldn’t read the data from the HA as there was no option in the config to provide api_password.

    I did some reasearch to make the module work. So if you still want to use it you must:

    Go to your module location open node_helper.s file

    change these lines:

    var url = + ':' + config.port + '/api/states/' + devicename;


    var url = + ':' + config.port + '/api/states/' + devicename + '?api_password=yourpassword';

    and these:

    var url = + ':' + config.port + '/api/services/' + domain + '/' + service;


    var url = + ':' + config.port + '/api/services/' + domain + '/' + service + '?api_password=yourpassword';

    I hope it helps everyone cheers!

  • Module Developer

    @flagun I would recommend you to create a pull request on GitHub.

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