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MMM-MotionEye and forcedRefreshInterval

  • Hi
    using MMM-Motioneye for some time without problems. Now after repositioning my Motioneye cam, sometimes the video stream becomes interrupted due to wifi problems.
    Unfortunately i can’t get the video stream refreshed using the option ‘forcedRefreshInterval’ in my config. Is anybody using this option and can share his experience because I don’t know how to find out what I made wrong. Thx in advance for any helpful hints.

    best regards, Jo

    This is my config:

    	                  module: 'MMM-MotionEye',
    	                  position: 'lower_third',
    	                  config: {
    							url: "",
    							width: '800px',
    							autoHide: true,
    							forcedRefreshInterval: 6000,
    							autoHideDelay: 60000,
    							debug: true

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