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Calendar module for TODO-list

  • Hi everybody,

    I just set up my MM² and was wondering, whether there is a way to use the calendar module for displaying a TODO-list (e. g. grocery shopping, …). I have a nextcloud running on a raspberry pi and the display works just fine for calendars (contact birthdays, events, …).

    Since the tasks in nextcloud come in the same format as calendars (.ics), I wanted to use the calendar module to display tasks, which have not been completed, yet. The tasks should not have a starting date and be shown on the display until they are marked as completed.

    Is there somebody, who encountered the same issue or knows a solution to this problem? I could not find any information on this and since I have never worked with js before, I wanted to ask the community prior to messing up my default calender module trying to figure out, what lines to modify for my purpose.

    Thanks a lot and have a nice week!

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