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Module suspend not being called

  • I have two modules, which are executing fine…

    I want to add support for suspend and resume, to be used with the Hello-Lucy extension to hide modules.

    I added the functions to my module.js, but suspend is never called…

    the hello-lucy mod to MMM-Voice (module.js) does

                MM.getModules().enumerate((module) => {

    so my modules should be found and notified…

    config for my modules is

                                    module: "ImageScheduler",
                                    module: "ImageService",

    resume is working… suspend is not…

    my suspend and resume functions

    				suspend: function(){
    					Log.log("image service in suspend");
    				resume: function(){
    					Log.log("image service in resume");

  • ok, this is a bug/limitation… the js/main.js.hideModule() method doesn’t call the callback if there is no dom content…, and there is no dom content if no module position is defined… (per UpdateDom not working)

    my module has no dom content, but I need the suspend notification

    i have opened issue 1308

  • this fix is now added to the develop branch, and will be merged to master at some time.
    Thanks Mitch

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