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MMM-Carousel change page when Sonos starts playing?

  • Currently I only have one page on my MagicMirror and my Sonos module un-hides itself when music starts playing and hides it when I stop the music.
    Is it possible to have a 2nd page using MMM-Carousel (or similar) and when Sonos starts playing it changes the entire display from page 1 with certain modules on it to page 2 with my sonos module and maybe some other modules?
    Basically using Sonos start/stop playing as a trigger to change the display?

  • Module Developer

    Hi Joela85,

    how do you start the sonos module? Maybe on this call, there is a way to hook something additional up, for changing pages.
    I use MMM-Pages an this can be switched by the MM Notification System.


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