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Does my magic mirror work on any network ?

  • So ive built a mm with an old Raspberry Pi 2 b+ in magicmirror² Server mode and used midora as an interface to open up the localhosted webversion. I built the magicmirror as a school project and have to present it in a few days and i wanted to ask if i will have any problems with pluging it into a different network.

  • Module Developer

    @salieri You basically don’t need any network at all, but if you have any module installed that communicates with a network device, or with the internet (Weather module, RSS module, calender, …) you will need some kind of internet connection.

    I recogmend you to try it before you try it in school. Just unplug the Ethernet or disconnect the WiFi and you will have the same situation as in school.

  • U can do a hotspot whit movile to take the info of modules and disconect it.

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