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Default Newsfeed module won't display custom RSS feed

  • Sorry for my overall confusion on this subject, but I’m pretty inexperienced with any form of coding/computing and I’m trying to put together a MM for myself at the moment. I am currently trying to set up an RSS feed of important calendar events to have those displayed in my Newsfeed. Unfortunately I’m struggling.

    So far I’ve succeeded in generating an RSS feed triggered by these calendar events (through a third party web app - which after talking to their customer service department states their RSS output encoding is the same as the module default, UTF-8). However, when I replace the default NYTimes url with the url provided for my RSS feed, I do not see any notifications. I know the RSS feed is working because I can check it at the url in a web browser.

    Does anyone have any input on what might be going wrong?

    I’ve attached my modified config.js below (which works with the nytimes url but not with the one supplied). Is it because of the formatting of the url? Or the formatting of the RSS feed itself?

         module: "newsfeed",
         position: "bottom bar",
         config: {
              hideLoading: "true",
              reloadInterval: "10000"
              ignoreOldItems: "true",
              feeds: [
                        url: "",
              showSourceTitle: false,
              showPublishDate: false

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