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Microsoft To-Do (wunderlist replacement?)

  • @thobach thanks for your effort. Just got this up and running from your instructions in the README. Very pleased. 👍

  • @thobach said in Microsoft To-Do (wunderlist replacement?):

    I don’t plan to implement a fade-option, sorry, it would require quite some effort given the current implementation.

    I have been able to add a fade-option by looking at how this option has been implemented in the MMM-nstreinen module by @qistoph. Since I am not familiair with JS coding I don’t know wether it has been coded as it should.

    My addition takes two parameters from config.js: ‘fade’, which can be true or false and ‘fadePoint’, which takes a decimal value between 0 and 1 and marks the point where the fade starts.

    I added the code after the listItem styling.

    // needed for the fade effect
            itemCounter += 1
            // Create fade effect.
            if (self.config.fade && self.config.fadePoint < 1) {
              if (self.config.fadePoint < 0) {
    	          self.config.fadePoint = 0;
    	        var startingPoint = self.config.itemLimit * self.config.fadePoint;
    	        var steps = self.config.itemLimit - startingPoint;
    	        if (itemCounter >= startingPoint) {
                var currentStep = itemCounter - startingPoint;
       = 1 - (1 / steps * currentStep);

  • @Mighty-Mouseq Nice! Do you want to create a pull request? I could then merge it into the main branch for everyone.

  • @thobach I do not consider myself a developer :-). I do not even have a GitHub account. If you prefer to implement this change through a pull request then I will have a look at the process. For such a minor change it might be a lot easier if you, or another developer, added the code in your repository.

  • @thobach I think I have created a pull request for the fade effect.

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