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Reboot black screen

  • Hello,

    I’m having an issue where my calendar times out about 24 hours and I have to either manually refresh the screen or reboot the system. I opted to setup a cron job that will reboot every morning. The only problem is now when it reboots sometimes it just boots to a black screen and if I do a manually refresh it refreshes the screen and everything is good until the next morning.


  • Module Developer


    probably need to see your entry for the calendar in your config.js file…

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  • @justjim1220 , here is my calendar config. Hopefully this helps.

    		module: "calendar",
    		header: "Family",
    		position: "top_left",
    		config: {
    	calendars: [
    			url: 'https://xxxxxxx:port/caldav/xxxxxxxx/eopscxu/',
    			symbol: 'calendar',
    			auth: {
    			    user: 'username',
    			    pass: 'password',
    			    method: 'basic'

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