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Need a Shower Mirror

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for any shower mirrors that don’t fog up during warmer showers?

  • @almly After cleaning the mirror, apply a generous amount of shaving cream and smear it evenly as a thick layer on your mirror (or just on the part of it where you want it not to fog up). Leave it for 10 mins and then wipe it off with a towel. You’ll need to use the towel quite a bit to buff up the mirror so there is no haze no the mirror from the cream. But now on when you enjoy a steamy shower, your mirror won’t become useless.

  • @almly if you don’t want fog on your mirror then you should have installed an exhaust bath fan first. 😉

  • With me everything is fogged up except the place where the display is the minimum warmth is enough to keep the fog away

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