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Npm stopped working, npm install dont work

  • Hi, my npm has stopped working. I reinstalled node and deleted node_modules folder and tried to run “npm install” command and it says
    ERROR “sha512-YZotALyZD1xJixB8pNOKqBpmxV/NrOpMHQ3l7/CMB1hn5U7KRSviaeyv8/1MT7/rTgEFPOW85mdaFKFr2EfeAw== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-YZotALyZD1xJixB8pNOKqBpmxV/NrOpMHQ3l7/CMB1hn5U7KRSviaeyv8/1MT7/rTgEFPOW85mdaFKFr2EfeAw== but got sha512-qOBOtp4vM2cf7NdCiUjnvLp7thkR43HUzrIO1HwknT6fj8D8Nc6IjtTqUS1WAYq8n6axCVB8GFGMptaY6ic/kw==. (178754 bytes)”.

    Complete log:

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