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MMM-Assistant Jarvis.umdl set up

  • I just got my MMM-Assistant fully working finally and the last step I would like to do is change my assistant .umdl to jarvis instead of snowboy. I see that you need to put 2 sensitivities in for jarvis and also change the ApplyFrontend to true. I am completely lost on how to do this, I don’t know a whole lot about coding so bare with me please! Would these changes just be a matter of editing the module in the config.js or do I need to go somewhere else to make the changes?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, I think you have to change it in config.js file (in MagicMirror dir) like:

    file: “resources/jarvis.umdl”,
    sensitivity: 0.8, 0.80,
    hotwords : “ASSISTANT” //One of models should be “ASSISTANT”

    But I’m not sure. BTW what ver of MM are u using? Couse I can’t get it work with 2.4.1…

  • @plachu I’m using 2.4.1

    It recognizes the jarvis hotword with

    file: ‘resources/u-models/jarvis.umdl’,
    sensitivity: ‘0.8,0.80’,
    hotwords: [‘jarvis’,‘jarvis’]

    but the microphone turns red right after recognizing the hotword and doesn’t do anything afterwards.

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