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MMM-MyWeather doesn't show up

  • HI MMers,

    I just loaded the MyWeather module and it doesn’t show up at all, the location remains blank…below is my code… Any help please…

       			 module: "MMM-MyWeather",
       			 position: "top_right",
      			  config: {
       		         	apikey: "#####",//private
        		                pws: "pws:KCAESCON100",
    				coloricon: "true",
    				fade: "true",
         			 	hourly: "1",
        			  	fctext: "1",
        			  	fcdaycount: "5",
        			  	fcdaystart: "0",
        			        hourlyinterval: "3",
        			        hourlycount: "2",
         			        alerttime: 10000,
         			 	alerttruncatestring: "english:",
        			  	roundTmpDecs: 1,
        			  	UseCardinals: 0,
        			  	layout: "horizontal",
    				iconset: "colourful",
         			 	sysstat: "0"

  • Module Developer

    try to remove the quotes around the values true and false inside your Module MMM-MyWeather config.
    For example:

    coloricon: true,

    instead of

    coloricon: "true",


  • @axled I think it’s because I don’t have the WU API i was trying to use one from OpenWeather

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