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Can the usb port from a monitor power the rpi3?

  • Hi everyone!

    Did anyone tried to power supply the raspi directly from one of the usb port available on certain monitors ? or it’s just not possible?

    By the way, Is there any advantages to get a monitor with usb ports ?

    Thx in advance for any feedbacks, advices, comments 🙂

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    While a lot of monitors have USB ports, unfortunately they do not provide enough amps to run an rpi. All of them will be capped at either the USB1 or USB2 spec, which is 150 to 500mA. Some newer monitors have USB3 in them, but even that will be capped at the 900mA spec. An rpi needs more than that. It might run, but you’ll get erratic behaviors and random crashes from it.

  • @KirAsh4 hi! Thx for your reply. That’s also what I assumed but wanted to get opinions from others 🙂 anyway thx again for taking the time to answer.
    I assume therefore that there is no need for any other reasons to buy a monitor with USB ports? What’s your opinion on this ?

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    Not for MM, I can’t think of any.

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    I looked into this as well and came to much the same conclusion as @KirAsh4. USB ports on the monitors added a significant expense and couldn’t provide the power for the Pi.

    If you were going to power another accessory from the monitor’s USB, it might make sense. I believe one mirror builder is running external speakers from his monitor’s USB jack. You could probably run an LED strip for accent lighting from it.

  • @bhepler thx also for your input on this.
    I wanted to be on a safe side in case in future I would need to use/add any additional components but so far I don’t see any added value to have USB ports on the screen.
    Thx a lot both for your time and help

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    And even if you find out that you need additional devices later, you are better off with a good quality self-powered USB hub. They’re cheap, they’re small, you could even remove the whole circuitry from the case for a much smaller form factor.

  • @KirAsh4 I agree with your point of view - safer and cheaper. I will have a look on those hubs later… I red somewhere that not all of them are efficient with rpi3.

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    That’s correct, and that’s because of their power outputs. You have to find out that powered and that has a nice high output. I actually run one of my rpis off of an Anker wall charger that outputs up to 2.4Amps per port.

  • @KirAsh4 ya a wall powered one will surely supply nice output power. If you want to share your Anker model - feel free :p

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