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  • Hey guys,
    first of all thank u so much for creating this module @strawberry-3-141 i love it!
    and @Mykle1 thanks for the solution it works perfect for me with


    I wasted a half year ago a couple of weeks with this module because it does not work for me, till now!
    Yesterday i’ve reinstalled the Whole MM on a fresh Raspbian system and read all the comments here.

    But there is one question still alive, i am in struggle with the commands i am not sure if i say it right.

    MAGIC MIRROR -> VOICE = (going to Voice Mode)

    That works fine.

    But what should i do if (VOICE) don’t flashing?
    and are there different modes instead of VOICE?
    oh and last but not least if i say (in flashing voice mode) Open Help or Close Help nothing happens 😕

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    Thank @strawberry-3-141 … he worked very hard on this and did a great job!

  • Hi everyone!
    MMM-voice does not understand what I say!
    For example:

    • If I say “OPEN HELP” it understands “OPEN OF OF” or “OPEN THE”
    • If I say “MAGIC MIRROR” he understands “MAGIC TO”

    I think nobody has had these problems … correct?

    I’m starting to think that the problem is the quality of the microphone.
    I bought this microphone Microphone-Raspberry-Recognition.

    I have recording a test and I hear a background noise…
    Can someone recommend a good microphone?

    Thank you all.

  • No advice for the purchase?


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    @egnos said in MMM-voice:

    If I say “OPEN HELP” it understands “OPEN OF OF” or “OPEN THE”
    If I say “MAGIC MIRROR” he understands “MAGIC TO”

    The recognition is not as accurate a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa. Take into account that this is not cloud based recognition. You almost have to learn how to speak to MMM-voice correctly to minimize the false positives and negatives. I’ve been using MMM-voice(Hello-Lucy) for a long time. I’ve learned how to speak to her so that my success rate is more than acceptable.

    Also, I have a friend in Norway that speaks English perfectly. However, MMM-voice(Hello-Lucy) has some trouble with his Norwegian accent but his Google Home has no trouble at all. That’s the benefit of cloud based recognition.

    @egnos said in MMM-voice:

    No advice for the purchase?

    The little usb microphone that you are using is behind the mirror? I think this will lessen your chances of success. Any sounds behind the mirror will certainly interfere and your voice commands will have difficulty reaching it. I don’t have a USB microphone recommendation but anything you do get you should expose somehow to the front of the mirror so that the user’s voice has the best chance of reaching the microphone unimpeded.

  • Re: MMM-voice
    Trying to run MMM-Voice on Windows. The manufacturer has blocked the option of uploading UBUNTU.

    I have such a mistake.

    [STEP 1/5] Installing Packages line 36: sudo: command not found
    [STEP 1/5] Installing Packages | Failed
    [STEP 1/5] Installing Packages line 36: apt-get: command not found
    [STEP 1/5] Installing Packages | Failed

    I tried to install packages one at a time but without much effect

  • @strawberry-3-141 Hi, Having the error “spawn pocketsphinx_continuous ENOENT-2” right here. How can I replace the correct files?? Like you said earlier: “his problem was that somehow his ~/.bashrc file got overwritten and then he missed the path to pocketsphinx files”

    Thanks so far.

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