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Music module for (local) online radio stations

  • Hi,

    today I´m thinking about a new problem/Idea.
    Maybe someone have the same idea or like a same module.

    I use on my mirror the simple Music Player module by @EoF conected to a smb folder on my NAS to play music. Whit many help of @Jopyth i can use it now also whit voice controll.

    Thats fine

    Now I think about a module like the Simple Music Player but not to play Mp3 files. I like to copy some online radio station link from local station to play radio. I thinking about a Player which shows you at the mirror a list of one,two or however radio stations you have linked in your module and then you can say Station one or Station two. or something else. I hope you understand my thinking.

    In thinking about this I like to try it myself. Because my codeing experiens is very bad. (only some basicly experience in scool ten years ago, I have to use try and error. Now I think maybe I can modify a new instance of the music player module, to play radio station link and not mp3. But my problem was the voice control. At the present I can say play stop and song back/Song forward. But then i like to say not only play and next station/last station. I like to say Play station one or play station two. Is there any other module which I can look for an example?

    Sorry becaue I´m writting so many.but I hope you could understand my idea.
    Greets gismo

  • Module Developer

    @gismo2006 If you use Alexa for voice control you can say “Alexa, play radio 1” and it will play the station

  • @Mitchfarino Thank your for your answer. I have tested Alexa some days ago after I posted und Generall Discussion in this forum. There was the question should I use Alexa or Stevens hicksons suite an google. After a try for google and a not working Suite I tested Alexa because I readed about that you haven´t to use a button to use alexa from now on. But Alexa only understand englich at the moment (Thats I found in the www and if I asked “she”. She told me that, too) I´m not sure, if that the right thing for my mirror. Because there was some other family member who like to use it. My sons and my wife. (I know if I use snowword Hotword, I havve to create for everyone a pmdl file)

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