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New Modul should react by more than one Hotword message (modul Voicecontrol/Hotword detection)

  • Hi,

    I have a little question.

    If you use @alexyak Voice modul whit using snowboy Hotword detection, you have to put a message which will send tot other modules, if a Hotword will detected. Like Play, Stop or whatever.

    In the readme file is written:

                        keyword: "playMusic",   // keyword 
                        description: "Say 'Play Music' to start playing",
                        file: "playMusic.pmdl", // trained model file name
                        message: "PLAY_MUSIC"   // notification message that's broadcast in the MagicMirror app

    Now I like to code my first module for learning, just a fun modul. And for my Idea it is recommend that my module hear of the message from any hotword. Now my Problem how I write this in module code? For one hotword message I can for example write (copied from the Voicecontrol post by @tyho ):

    if (notification === ‘go_to_sleep’){
    exec(“sudo /home/pi/”, null);

    But for more than one? Have I to use “,” or “&&” or only a space between the Messages?

    Maybe someone can help me

    greets gismo

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @gismo2006 look out for the else if statement

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