MMM-PublicTransportBerlin - Public transport for Berlin and Brandenburg (departures)

  • Hey, @dbahn25

    @olexs forked my module and added a fetcher for the whole DB transportation net to it. So you can use the whole DB net with the look of my module. 😉

    Here it is:

  • First of all, I really appreciate these transport modules, great job.
    With the new MMM-PublicTransportDB module, a nationwide transport checking is possible in theory, but I might have some problems with this.
    After getting my station ID of interest from a csv-file of the Deutsche Bahn (, and implementing the module in the MagicMirror config file, either the module displays a loading string “lade…” or that no transport connection is found for this station…
    I tried several stationIDs, the ones in the Github-example included, but none seem to work for me.
    Any more ideas how to get it working?
    Below my current config-file:

        module: 'MMM-PublicTransportDB',
        position: 'top_left',
        config: {
           stationId: 8079125,

    If I got this right only one parameter is necessary -> stationID, the rest is not required for now.

  • Hey @Jay, what Node.js version are you running?

  • Is it possible to add “express” to the TransportationTypes/excludedTransportationTypes? I just want to show IC/ICE/EC trains. The API from vbb-rest is supporting this feature.

  • @TobiasAlw could you please provide a link for me? Where can I find this feature in the vbb-rest documentation?

  • @TobiasAlw Ahh, I see. Yeah, this should work. Just add all the transportation types you don’t want to see to the excludedTransportationTypes string in your configuration.

    All transportation types are listed here under “other parameters”.

  • Hi Beh, great module! Thanks!
    It works on a standard browser (firefox, Win10) with node.js server side on a raspberry pi zero. But on midori installed on the pi zero it doesn’t appear on the screen.

    node -v : v7.7.1
    npm -v : 4.1.2

    Do you have any idea?

  • @Photon2000 Yeah, the problem is, that midori doesn’t support ECMAScript 6 (ES6) features. But the module is using some of them.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much time in the near future to convert the module to vanilla JavaScript in ES5 for you. You could try to convert the code with a compiler like Babel. Then it should work with midori.

  • @Beh Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! So I have two choices: finding a browser for th pi zero that supports ES6 or switch to PI2/3. Fair enough. I guess that other modules use ES6 too.

  • Hi all,
    good news for Pi Zero users:
    The new image “Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL” comes bundled with the chromium browser. I’ve installed it tonight and chromium works on the Pi Zero (W). If I connect to a serveronly installation of MagicMirror the “ES6-problematic” modules (im my case: compliments, MMM-PublicTransportBerlin) comes up.

    It’s not that fluently; CPU is 100% but it work’s.