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MMM-Leap-Motion: Gesture Control for Magic Mirror

  • Greetings All,

    Just wrapped up support for the Leap Motion Controller.

    alt text

    IMPORTANT: This ONLY works with the Native Leap Motion App

    You will not be able to use this with the Raspberry Pi, or any other hardware that does not have the Native Leap Motion App running in the background. Your Magic Mirror computer will need to be powerful enough to meet the Minimum Requirements to run the Leap Motion Controller.


    • Visual Indicator when your hand is detected, letting you know you can make a gesture
    • Visual Representation of Gestures on Screen
    • Supports Swipe Gestures: Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward & Back
    • Supports Circle Gestures: Clockwise, Counter Clockwise
    • Ability to limit which gestures you want to watch for

  • @mrmidi damn you guys make me setup my whole stuff on a pc again 😂

    Awesome work

    only question i have is how will you mount the controller?

  • a dream!! can we hope a raspberry compatibility some day or we shoud definitely forget about it?
    edit : i just saw leap motion minimal system requirements…I should forget about it…for the pi at least…

  • Would it be possible to make LEAP run on a laptop board with magic mirror (i5, 8GB of ram). A laptop board could be easily integrated in a frame.

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