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Calendar shows wrong time

  • Hi, i’m quite out of idea why my calendar shows the appointments with the wrong time. Every time ist 2 hrs to late, ex: an appointment is 8:00 the magic mirror shows 10:00

                            module: 'calendar',
                            header: 'Kalender',
                            position: 'top_left',
                            config: {
                            maximumEntries: '25',
                            maximumNumberOfDays: '35',
                            displayRepeatingCountTitle: 'true',
                            colored: 'true',
                            coloredSymbolOnly: 'true',
                            calendars: [

    I’m running the MM v2.4.1 with a docker container on a debian stretch server. I show a lot of calendars from nextcloud via ics export and from office365, too. But regardless of the source the time is 2 hrs wrong.

    Hope somebody can give me a hint.


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