MagicMirror² v2.11.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.


  • ok i think everything is in order, but the pictures don’t actually show up…

  • Module Developer

    Don’t know what happens without details. What does the log say?

  • @Sean where do i find the log?

    Also, this popped up: pi@raspberrypi:~/MagicMirror $ npm start

    magicmirror@2.7.1 start /home/pi/MagicMirror

    /home/pi/MagicMirror/node_modules/electron/dist/electron: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    npm ERR! file sh
    npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
    npm ERR! errno ENOENT
    npm ERR! syscall spawn
    npm ERR! magicmirror@2.7.1 start: sh
    npm ERR! spawn ENOENT
    npm ERR!
    npm ERR! Failed at the magicmirror@2.7.1 start script.
    npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

    npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
    npm ERR! /home/pi/.npm/_logs/2020-02-29T10_46_17_131Z-debug.log

  • @Sean

    Thanks a lot Sean !
    It appears indeed that the credentials generated was not the right type (I may have not selected the right option in google api console). Worked better the second time !

    Marvelous results of the module

  • @Sean I logged into my google account and allowed consent. However, once I input the code back into the terminal, all I get is auth_and_test started.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Module Developer

    when you did auth_and_test, token.json was created?

  • Module Developer

    New Updates

    [2.0.0] - 2020/03/23

    • Notice: Whole new build from scratch. new installation and configuration is needed.
    • Removed: deprecated dependency request. Instead, using Axios and https
    • Changed: More stable displaying photos
    • Changed: New looks.
    • Changed: Access album by name not by id.
    • Added: You can filter photos by condition.
    • Added: GPHOTO_NEXT, GPHOTO_PREVIOUS notifications are supported.
    • Added: GPHOTO_UPLOAD notification is supported. Now MMM-Selfieshot and MMM-TelegramBot can upload pictures with this module.
    • Removed: mode, scanInterval, opacity is removed because no more necessary.


  • I am running MM on a RP zero W and I only have the RPi command line. It is running in server mode. When I execute node generate_token.js, it does not bring up a browser window where I can authorize for a token. Do I need to do something different?

  • @roccodicarlo open the chromium-browser to localhost:8080 to get the UI (if this is a graphical desktop pi 0)

    when/how did u install? my automated script does the setup to run chromium if the graphical desktop exists

  • No this is not the graphical desktop, it is all CLI.