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middle_left, middle_center, middle_right

  • Hi,

    As far as I can see, there is only a middle_center position.
    Would it be possible to have a middle_left, middle_center and middle_right position ?

    For top and bottom this exists, just not for middle (or the upper_third and lower_third).

    For some reason I found the need for: {
      width: 60%;

    But everything for middle_center is now left aligned and I find it hard to place a module in the middle_center right aligned.

    So, I am in control of my defence and my strikers, but my center players are out of control 🙂

  • Module Developer

    So, do you want to align some elements(text or somethings) to the right in middle_center? {

    Try this…

  • Actually, I want to divide the middle section in 60% and 40%.

    I have my monitor rotated (portrait mode), so dividing in more parts does not make sense in terms of readability, but I guess persons with the monitor in landscape mode might want 25% - 50% - 25% (as an example).

    So, therefore I changed the middle center to 60%, which results in a middle section of 60% on the right-hand-side.
    And an empty middle section of 40% on the left-hand-side.
    The modules in the positions top_right and bottom_right do fill parts of on the right-hand-side, but I do not have control of the (top)-alignment.
    A center_left and center_right would help here.
    I hope it a bit clear. Not that easy to explain.

    I was looking for something like this: {
      width: 60%;
    } {
      width: 0%;
    } {
      width: 40%;

  • Module Developer

    You can escape MM’s region boundary using




    But you should have some knowledge or experience about CSS.

  • @Sean,

    Just starting to understand a little bit about CSS, so better to try different options.
    One being:

    Multiple modules with the same position will be ordered based on the order in the configuration file.

    I will order my modules in the config.js, as there are now placed randomly, and then see if it fits my expectations.

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