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Netatmo Module: Stops updating

  • After undefined (sometimes runs for hours, sometimes after some minutes) time intervals the Netatmo module does not show any updated values anymore. It still shows that it updated itself but the values shown are old.
    Since all other modules work, there seems to be no general networking problem. Also the Netatmo itself works fine since I get correct values using their apps.
    Is there any chance to see a log to find the error or has anybody experienced this before.
    Restarting MM does solve the problem and the newest values are shown.

  • @carstend
    I have the same problem. Is there anyone who has a solution?

  • Hi
    Im having this problem too. Did any of you find a solution? Everything else works fine and updates, but Netatmo module shows old data…

  • Problem was outdoor module battery was poor (however, was reported at 67% by netatmo). If data is missing from netatmo the netatmo module will stop updating and keep the old temperatures. If MM is restarted a spinning wheel will be shown. Hope that the new batteries did the trick.

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