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Getting solar ducks in a row

  • I’ve not set anything up as yet, still researching.
    Originally I had figured on a touch mirror but this seems like it is not possible with what I have and don’t wish to get a IR frame just yet.
    So it looks like I’m left with just displaying info and using voice control (Alexa).
    I’m a Home Automation (HA) guy from way back, mostly use X10 devices. I’m very new to the PI world but have a couple now controlling my HA setups in different locations using Home Genie and HA-Bridge. I may try one of the other HA softwares that MM has a module for but for now I’m happy. So I have a few questions as one setups is in a off grid location (solar power only)
    1:For users that are using HA software are you running it on the same PI as MM?
    2: I plan on using MM in server mode as I have a couple of old smartphones and an old 7" Android tablet laying around and figured I could use them in mirrors. Is there an Android client app? If not how are users viewing from a phone ? WEB Browser?
    I’ve found a few smart mirror Apps but none that connect to MM maybe I’ll need to create one. 🤔
    3: Again for the HA users what info are you displaying in your mirror? I realize there isn’t currently a module for Home Genie (at least that I found ) so I may need to create one if I stick with that HA software.

    I plan on using an acrylic two way mirror which is in transit and I’m thinking I can create two Magic mirrors from this.
    Since my first project is going to be for the Solar place I’d like to keep power consumption low so I’d like to run MM and the for mentioned software on a Pi 3B+ which also is doubling as a media streaming device.
    I know I’m really pushing a little PI but so far everything works well together.
    Love the forum and the users sharing so much helpful info.
    Hopefully I can contribute something! 😉

  • My Acrylic two way mirror arrived and I’ve started to tear down an old 12" led monitor, so I definitely can get two mirrors out of this one piece of mirror.😌 🤓
    I also found a PS Eye camera which I’ve read different user incorporating into their mirrors. However I’ve not found a specific post as to how someone actually got this working. ☹
    If there is a how to I’ve yet to find it.
    Perhaps someone can help me out on that front?

  • @tuicemen well, using the mic side of the ps-eye, with the MMM-Voice or HelloLucy (or MMM-Assistant or alexa)…

    on the camera side… i provide a module that works with the github motion project to do sleep/wake via motion detection (non-pir). MMM-SleepWake (also cooperates with Voice and Lucy above)…

    what else would u like the mirror to do base on voice?

  • @sdetweil thanks for replying Originaly I was thinking of controlling my Home automation setup Via voice but I don’t believe a extra module will be required for this other then for displaying status of devices .
    My concern was what if anything I needed to install to have the PS eye work with the PI. I discovered the drivers for it are already included in Debian. So it looks like I’ll only need the GitHub motion project for your module.
    I think I’ll wish to remotely view the PS eye at some point as well.

  • @tuicemen the motion project can also capture video and stills. I don’t think it can stream live.

  • @sdetweil Thanks for the added info. I’ll add that to my list of things to install.

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