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omxplayer overlay

  • since electron and videos really don´t work well together I want to use a overlay with omxplayer. Is there already a module doing this I just did not find?
    If not my idea was to show a black form with the size of the video on the screen, so the overlay is not above any other stuff. However I did not find out how to get the absolute position of a dom object, so I can give the position to omxplayer

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    MMM-Podcast is using OMX Player to show videos.


  • @axled said in omxplayer overlay:


    Ah thx I think thats exactly what I searched for

  • oh no thats exactly what I did already achieve. It just overlays omxplayer, without making sure there is nothing below then, so it will hide other informations on the screen.
    Thats what I wanted to achieve but I did not know how to make sure a area is actually clear the way it would be when I just directly show a video in MM2
    I mean for one video I can do it approximately, but would be nice to have a real solution instead of try and error xD

  • Hi,

    There is MMM-RTSPStream too.
    Meant to stream video for camera’s, but it works for every RTSP stream.
    You can specify height and width, but the position is determined by the module position.
    Overlaying other modules depends on the position of those modules, but there is nothing that can’t be done using the custom.css.
    And you cannot get away with trial and error.
    It took me a while to get it pixel perfect…

  • ok thats what I wanted to know 🙂
    so there is basically no really nice way to read the pixels you have to do it try an error

  • btw anyone knows how to set loop? I already tried multiple of the node omxplayer applications. They all have a loop function (well using it just stops after one run anyways)

  • I just tried MMM-RTSPStream and it loops the video without any extra options.
    You also could just try to add --loop after the URL of the video.
    When lucky it will be used as an omxplayer option.

    As omxplayer uses a fixed position, relative to the position of the module, it might need a bit extra fiddling.
    But with MMM-RTSPStream and the module options

    moduleWidth: 900,
    moduleHeight: 364,

    and the omxplayer options

    width: 480,
    height: 270

    you have the control over the overlay and overlapping that you need.
    And with the custom.css you have additional options and control.

  • @evroom
    Hm i Kind of fail to use it. When I use a config without url (I gave it a path to a local file)
    showSnapsWhen paused is activated, I get this black window on the screen so the stream does not interfere with anything, however nothing is shown with omxplayer (autostartplay activated)
    tried with mp4 and mov

    so how do I properly use a local file then?

  • Can you try this config, just to know what works and what not ?

        module: "MMM-RTSPStream",
        disabled: false,
        position: "middle_center",
        header: "Video",
        config: {
          autoStart: true,
          rotateStreams: false,
          moduleWidth: 900,
          moduleHeight: 364,
          localPlayer: 'omxplayer',
          remotePlayer: 'none',
          showSnapWhenPaused: false,
          remoteSnaps: false,
          stream1: {
            name: 'BigBuckBunny Test Stream',
            url: 'rtsp://',
            width: 480,
            height: 270

    Height and width are perhaps a bit odd; is what I use for my camera streams.

    I will look if streaming a local file is possible; never tried it.

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