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Module Placement in Config

  • Hi, likely another silly q.

    “modules: [
    module: ‘planetrise’,
    position: ‘top_right’, // This can be any of the regions.
    header: ‘PLanet Rise’,
    config: { // Place the latitude and longitude of your mirror
    latitude: 45.5,
    longitude: -122.38,
    // A dictiory of the bodies and unicode character for the symbol
    // This is the default and does not need to be listed.
    // A full list of bodies can be seen on line 1359 in astronomy.js
    // Note: Trying to find the rise time of Earth will crash the Module
    bodies: {‘Sun’: ‘☉’,
    ‘Moon’: ‘☽’,
    ‘Mercury’: ‘☿’,
    ‘Venus’: ‘♀’,
    ‘Mars’: ‘♂’,
    ‘Jupiter’: ‘♃’,
    ‘Saturn’: ‘♄’,

    Like numerous others when i place and relaunch i get a blank screen, so obs i am doing something wrong, what is the form required if anyone knows please do sharre…

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