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MMM-LocalTransport Module not loading bc wrong destination

  • Hi,

    So I don’t know how to figure out the correct origin or destination sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t with the name I look up in Google Maps.

    This doesn’t work. I guess because of the ü.
    origin: ‘St. Johanns-Tor’,
    destination: ‘Barfüsserplatz’,

    So I had to choos a diffrent station and it worked.
    origin: ‘St. Johanns-Tor’,
    destination: ‘Bankverein’,

    Same as the first nothing special from my point of view. But it doesn’t work and the module is displaying loading connections or on german Lade Verbindungen.
    origin: ‘St. Johanns-Tor’,
    destination: ‘St-Louis Grenze’,

    I also tried different variations like

    St. Louis Grenze or
    St-Louis Grenze, Basel

    or for the ones above with ü I tried with ue.

    For me it’s strange and doesn’t make sense.

    So what’s the problem? Is this Issue known?
    Can somebody help me?

  • So It’s not really solved but it works with St-Louis Grenze. I left it over night on and in the morning it has loaded the tram departure times. The only porblem is: it will also show one departure time wich is in the past. so it says “4mins ago” and eventually it will go away but still not so nice if it’s there until the next departures times comes. So almost always the first entry will say “mins ago”. And the other problem when I restart it takes forever to load the departure times (more than an hour).

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