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Git bash run command not found

  • when i enter a command “RUN NPM”, it shows like
    bash: run: command not found

    please help for this, for the first time every thing work correctly, but i want to change the calendar to my calendar it happens, i am absolute beginner in this, so i uninstalled all software and reinstalled all software eventhough it shows like this.

    when i run command npm start, it says like below
    npm error! path c:\user\mypc/magicmirror\package.json
    npm error! code enoent
    npm error! errno-4058
    npm error! syscall open
    npm error! enoent ENOENT no such file or directory open c:\users\mypc\magicmirror… i cont see further because the window not extends for full
    npm error! enoent this is related to npm not being able to find a file
    npm error! enoent
    npm error! a complete log of this run can be found in:
    npm error! c:\users\my pc\appdata\roaming\npm-cache_logs2018-9-11to09-40-51- … i cont see data further due to half screen

  • @sudhakarclk
    Now it is cleared after reinstalling gitbash (I selected final option i.e support for both windows and Linux)

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