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Default Calendar module shows wrong time format

  • I have a problem with the default calendar module. I am trying to show the kids’ school calendars with absolute starting and ending times. However, once a class has started the view changes to a relative starting time (but the information is relative to the ending time…) and an absolute ending time.

    This is the mirror display: (“Slutar 12 minuter” means “Ending in 12 minutes”, the screenshot was taken 13.18)

    And this is the corresponding config.js entry:

                           module: "calendar",
                            position: "bottom_left",
                            header: "Schema",
                            classes: "vardagsmorgon",
                            config: {
                                    maximumNumberOfDays: 2,
                                    maximumEntries: 7,
                                    dateFormat: "ddd",
                                    dateEndFormat: "",
                                    showEnd: true,
                                    timeFormat: "absolute",
                                    getRelative: 0,
                                    fade: false,
                                    displaySymbol: false,
                                    calendars: [
                                                    symbol: "calendar-o ",
                                                    url: "..."

    What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug within the calendar module?

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