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Switching Raspberry Pi

  • Hi there,

    after months of not using my MagicMirror, I wanted to modify some components.

    I changed the Raspberry Pi 3 to a 3B+ and put the SD card into the newer one.

    Now, nothing is working like before…

    Raspbian is working very slow… most of the time the OS hangs for 2-3 minutes before executing my orders.

    I updated Raspbian using sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y and pushed MagicMirrorOS to 2.41 using git pull & npm install. Then I switched to the GL driver via raspi-config.

    MagicMirror shows the screen like in good old times, but the modules are not updating after their initial screen. System temperature, for example, is showing 49 degrees all the time.

    Installed a PIR-script for my PIR-sensor, which was working fine in the past. Now, after 10 seconds, it is showing the screen for 5 seconds and switches it off again.

    The hole system is slow like hell…

    At the moment I am very dissapointed… tried to get it running several times using a SD backup…

    Is there anything I have to think about after switching the Raspberry Pi to a newer version ?

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