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TeleFrame - A opensource digital picture frame for Telegram

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    Dear MagicMirror-Community,

    I solved a problem and want to share it with you, because I think some of you may have the same or a similar problem and most of you have the skills to get this thing working 🙂
    Even if you don’t have this problem it may be interesting for you also.

    To the problem:
    My grandmother (over 80 years old) is not able to use a smartphone but she would really like to get all the images that are send to our family-whatsapp-group. Since the other members of this group are also no IT-experts I had to find a solution, that is also easy to use for them.

    The solution:
    I wrote an nodejs app that can run on a raspberry pi (with an attached display) and displays all the images that are send to a telegram-group (or to the bot directly) in a slideshow. So similar to a digital picture frame. But it can also show the name of the sender and the caption of the image (with emojis 😉 ).
    When a new picture is send to the group (or bot), a notification with the sender name is shown and the slideshow will start from the biginning. The oldest image is kicked out of the slideshow to keep the total amount of images in a range that you don’t have to spend all the day in front of the picture frame to see the newest images. But you can set the amount in a config file.
    There are many other settings that can be adjusted in the config file, but you can see that in README on Github.

    You can also see a small demo and the instructions to install this app on Github.

    I hope this helps many others that are facing the same problem or that just want to have a digital picture frame like this 🙂

    Enjoy it!


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